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Hey! Im Bryce Way here's my journey:

I graduated from the high school Pathways Academy Of Technology and Design, a magnet school in Connecticut. This high school wasn't your typical school, the primary focus is technology. Many of my classes were video editing, graphic design, programming, web design and much much more. Pathways helped me at a young age develop many technical skills that most teenagers at the time don't have yet.  

In 11th grade there was an internship opportunity at The Bushnell Performing Arts Center in Hartford, this was an internship co-hosted by the Bushnell and United Technologies Corporation. Only 1 student per tech magnet school in Connecticut can be picked. Pathways picked me for this internship and I decided to take it because the experience I would get would benefit me beyond high school.


The goal of this internship was to pair a group of talented individuals that all have a similar background and interest to create and prototype an app then present it in front of many real company's as a pitch to show what we created over the internship. This workshop allowed me to get a feel for the workforce and helps improve collaboration skills and presentation skills.



After high school I wanted to further develop my skills in the Audio Engineering & Film Industry and to get real world experience in the field. I graduated from the Recording Radio Film Connection (RRFC). 


RRFC isn't your stereotypical school, I was drawn to this program because its so hands on and provides real world opportunity to get your foot in the door of the music & film industry. Other than the 1 on 1 lessons with my mentor it provided me with on the job experience and allowed me to work on many sessions with many artists and actors and also gave me the opportunity to work on some tv shows for Disney & Warner Brothers.


RRFC paired me up with Factory Underground which is a local studio near me. One of my favorite sessions at Factory Underground that I worked on during the program was for Jimmy Fallon, The studio brought in Jose Feliciano to re-record Feliz Navidad & make a music video for the 50th anniversary of the song which then premiered on Jimmy Fallon. A quick testimonial on my experience of this set can be watched on this page to give you an idea of what it was like. This program was amazing for me and really gave me an insight on the Industry and helped develop my Video & Audio skills in the real world. 




After graduating RRFC I worked on many freelance gigs in Connecticut filmed over a dozen wedding in 2021 and really turned my hobby and what I enjoy the most to a job. But free lance isn't my end goal. Since early high school I planned to move to Georgia to get into the film industry. I really love the huge productions that require so much people and talent to create a film and I've had the goal to getting to that stage for a very long time.


Years back an Audio Engineer got me on set of Venom when they were filming that movie. That was what sparked the interest in moving to Georgia and really gave me an insight at the time to what it was like to film and work on huge movies like Venom. I loved every moment of it and after that day I decided this is what I want to do. Later on the Audio Engineer directed me to the Georgia Film Academy as a first step after I moved down to Georgia

Deadmans_Pilot_Day01 45 (2).jpg

Once I graduated Georgia Film Academy I had the opportunity to work on "Megalopolis" an upcoming Francis Ford Coppola film. Being on set for months taught me so many things and really helped me grow my network! Since then I have been able to work on many other projects but especially focus on my Media Company that has enabled me to travel all over the country filming and shooting all sorts of projects. 

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